Zuzuto Ramen

Located in the district of Ambelokipoi, Athens,
Zuzuto Ramen is only 350m away from the Athens Towers, the only two skyscrapers of Athens, and only 750m away from the Metro station (Ambelokipoi).

We began our operation end of November 2021 with the desire to offer best quality Ramen and Japanese cuisine that every one can enjoy, and to treat customers like family.
That desire has remained the same since.

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Meet Our Chef, the Founder

Cariño Jr., mostly known as CJ, has always been fond of noodles, generally Japanese cuisine, and most especially Ramen; not only eating them but also making them. Little did he know that it has became his passion. He has worked in numerous restaurants, attended seminars on sushi, noodles, and of course on ramen, and he’s been wanting to open a Ramen shop since. But not just Ramen shop, but authentic, good quality Ramen restaurant!

Five years later, CJ and his wife Mary Ann finally decided to open a restaurant.

It all started during the pandemic, and specifically during the second lockdown in Greece in 2020 when CJ decided to take DIY Ramen kits out in the market. They were selling to their friends and relatives at first until the market became bigger. And thanks  to all all the great feedback, they finally decided that it’s something that they should not set aside. It was a big decision to make due the pandemic and the world crisis, but they pursued it!

“Aside from us being a good team, and hard-working people, big part of this is you, our FAMILY, FRIENDS, our VALUED CUSTOMERS, and of course our VALUED EMPLOYEES who trusted us, who trusted our products! None of these would have been possible if not because of you. And we would like to take this opportunity to THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT. IT IS SO VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!” THANK YOU!

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